Can winedbg --auto backtrace all threads?

Michael Ost most at
Thu Jan 27 13:42:14 CST 2005

Is there a way to have winedbg --auto do a backtrace of all the threads
in an app at exception time?

In order to help track down sporadic runtime crashes in our testing
process, I have turned on winedbg --auto when wine handles exceptions
via the AeDebug registry entry. 

This is working pretty well except that often winedbg does a backtrace
on a thread that I know is not the problem. If I could see a backtrace
of all the threads --- lots of data, I know --- the tool might be more

Is this already possible? How about advisable %) ? Or must I patch
winedbg to do it? 

Sometimes winedbg appears to hang when handling the exception, or at
least doesn't print out any information. When could this happen? Is
there something I could do to improve winedbg's chances of working? 

Cheers... mo

PS: our system is using wine-20040914

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