[ddraw] more video memory

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 15:02:10 CST 2005

 --- Lionel Ulmer <lionel.ulmer at free.fr> wrote: 
> > Is there somewhere where we can centralise the
> > possibly tracking of video memory and read the
> initial
> > setting from either a configuration file or the
> video
> > cards i2c or registers if available instead of
> hard
> > coding in three+ different places?
> While I agree that we should store in a centralized
> place the amount we
> report to the application to be sure to be coherent,
> I wonder if taking the
> trouble to report the exact amount we have is really
> needed (as the memory
> management of GL and D3D9 differ anyway so the
> memory usage pattern may be
> completely different between both worlds)...
>          Lionel

Now that I've actully read you email properly, what I
mean to say is:

I've tried using glPrioritize to forge openGL to load
the textures into GPU ram but when I asked OpenGL how
many were in ram it said that none of them were.

So, instead I have a global variable that I access
through globalAdjustGLMemory that I use to track how
must memory DirectX would be expecting the textures to
be using.

I only track POOL_DEFAULT textures at the moment,
POOL_MANAGED is just like OpenGL anyway so I don't
bother tracking it and POOL_SYSTEM and POOL_SCRATCH
should never be on the GPU, this works fine for Axis
and allies and gets halflife past the allocate until
false stage.

  I don't send the information off to ddraw or the X11
driver or anywhere else at the moment, so ddraw, the
X11 driver and DirectX will all report different
things, which could upset some applications, and
confuse the user as to why dxdiag says he's got 16Meg,
halflife says he's got 256 and Prince of persia fails
with 0 memory.

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