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Rick Romero rick at
Thu Jan 27 15:32:04 CST 2005

Looks like has a simple Win32 app now.  They're setup
quite simply - They merely grab a pic, and ftp it to their servers.

After install, I assume I'm getting the same errors you were, as it
enumerates the webcam devices:
fixme:avicap:capGetDriverDescriptionA (0, 0x411f1050, 255, 0x411f2ef0,
255) stub!
fixme:avicap:capGetDriverDescriptionA (1, 0x411f1050, 255, 0x411f2ef0,
255) stub!

You can get the webcamnow Win32 app by going to their site with Firefox
or Mozilla, and clicking "Broadcast", then you'll download the win32


Jasper van Veghel wrote:

> I've recently been looking into VFW with Wine, and though I certainly am no
> expert at the Windows API concerning this (first time I really looked into DX),
> nor Wine for that matter, I was able to get a bit further from where I started,
> so allow me to share my experiences with you.
> As an application to test this stuff with I went for MSN 6.2, though certainly
> not the best application for this, it seemed neat to finally have Webcam support
> on MSN - I eventually got some of it working with a load of native DLLs, some
> hacking on the SSL stuff (I ended up simply setting useSSL = false, the applica-
> tion was sending plain-text over an SSL socket, which wasn't working; this fixed
> things, or at least for this application ;-)) and adding some undocumented flag
> to InternetSetOption (optionId = 87) - anyway, it seems that MSN is using some-
> thing along the lines of the following webcam class I found using Google -
> indeed, using a DirectShow filter:
> For things to start working under Wine I used the following native DLLs, which
> I also registered with regsvr32 (for CLSIDs etc.)
> urlmon.dll
> oleaut32.dll ole32.dll rpcrt4.dll
> shlwapi.dll shdocvw.dll
> qcap.dll amstream.dll
> Though I'm not sure if amstream is needed. Don't know what qcap does as I only
> managed to get to a point where something in qcap was called which was then
> being forwarded to Quartz (IAMStreamConfig, for which I added a bunch of stubs
> and semi-stubs (filled in some bogus information for VIDEO_STREAM_CONFIG_CAPS,
> It turned out that, at least MSN, and this webcam class too, uses devenum to
> find the video input devices (CLSID_VideoInputDeviceCategory), for which I've
> added the proper code to CreateSpecialCategories and hence CreateClassEnumerator
> (it also seems that the windows DLL of devenum always recreates the dynamic
> registery entries whereas Wine only seems to add them once and then never again,
> that is, once they're in the registry they stay there (hence if a new audio card
> gets added to the system ..)) The Windows DLL seemed to be using avicap32 to
> collect information on the available video input devices, so I've simply had
> capGetDriverDescription return some string with a fictional video driver (this
> also makes it possible to use a native devenum.dll) Next up is Quartz, which
> seemed to want IAMStreamConfig (collecting information on the video stream (res,
> depth, sps, ..) for starters, but I never got around to implementing enough of
> that for the program to accept it and move on, so that's where I got stuck. It
> may also have had something to do with MSN wanting an IKsPin which isn't imple-
> mented (which is why native quartz may have failed, when trying to approach the
> kernel in some way) Here's a small scenario of what I observed working with both
> native and hacked up DLLs ;-)
> DEVENUM - Read all VideoInputDeviceRenderer's (from CLSID)
> DEVENUM - BindToObject() --> VfwCapture
> QCAP    - BindToClass --> Quartz(VideoRenderer)
> QUARTZ  - VideoRenderer_create
> QUARTZ  - [FAIL] InputPin_QueryInterface (IKsPin)
> QUARTS  - VideoRenderer_QueryInterface (IAMStreamConfig)
> Anyway, the 'patches' I wrote are probably not worth much as the whole under-
> taking was more of a little endeavor trying to see how far I go (MSN actually
> managed to sign in, by the way, but kept crashing a few seconds after that (the
> webcam stuff can be accessed without signing in though, there's a preview option
> in one of the menus), but perhaps this brief explanation of my steps will prove
> useful for someone wanting to implement this aspect of VFW :-) Perhaps someone
> could build a control from the class I mentioned earlier which can then be used
> for testing (through the webpage that refers to it says it's missing some code;
> but at least it's a starting point)
> Jasper

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