PRESS: run windows viruses with wine ...

Hiji hijinio at
Thu Jan 27 17:06:25 CST 2005

--- Mike Hearn <mh at> wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 13:45 -0800, Hiji wrote:
> > That said, the JDS does a lot of stuff for you. 
> By
> > default, it automounts windows partitions so
> basically
> > anyone can write to them (root or not).  In this
> case,
> > with this specific distro, a virus would have
> write
> > access to that partition.  I don't mount anything,
> the
> > distro does...
> Yeah, but there's no point in exaggerating this. Is
> it a technical
> possibility with some setups? Yes. Have I ever heard
> of it happening?
> No.

No exaggeration intended here; I understood this
thread was following a hypothetical scenerios.  My
appologies.  I was trying to raise awareness about a
default entry-point on a specific distro.  I was in
the mindset that its better to share this information
to not share it at all.


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