PRESS: run windows viruses with wine ...

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Thu Jan 27 17:43:33 CST 2005

On 01/27/2005 03:03 PM, Troy Rollo wrote:

> Even if they don't run Outlook Express, with Linux 2.6 there is a facility to 
> have the kernel recognise foreign executable file formats and run them by 
> means of another executable. If used to run Wine executables (and somebody 
> on /. yesterday indicated they had done this), it makes Windows executables 
> as easy to run as native Linux executables ("program.exe" works just as well 
> as "wine program.exe" in such a case).

Yes, but then the kernel will only execute the file IF it has execute 
permissions - so when the worm drops BackOriface.exe on your drive and tries to 
run it, it won't as it won't have had the +x bit set.

And a worm smart enough to realize it is running under Wine and able to make the 
syscall to set the +x bit probably will be smart enough to get a native 
executable for the infection.

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