Slick build output

Jason But jbut at
Thu Jan 27 22:44:59 CST 2005

Hello all,

Not really related to the actual wine development but more to the 
make/build/install environment.

Remembering the most wine users will not necessarily be developers we should 
consider improving the output of running (./configure && make) to make it 
more user friendly.  Hopefully it should also be less confronting and 
confusing to non developers.  I propose something similar to the way the 
Linux kernel currently compiles.  The included patch changes make so that a 
regular make will produce much nicer output while for those die-hards who 
prefer the original output this can be achieved by executing

make VERBOSE=yes

I personally prefer the neater output even for development work, the compile 
output doesn't scroll off the screen as quickly and warnings/errors can be 
more easily spotted.

This patch doesn't do the complete job, instead only produces output for the 
compile (gcc) stages.  In fact, (make install) will produce no output at all!  
If people think this is a good idea, simple extensions will lead to complete 
output, just add the necessary 

$(NICE_ECHO) "    whatever"

to the proper places in each Make*.in file

I am willing to do this if it is deemed to be good.


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