Slick build output

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Jan 28 11:22:27 CST 2005

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

>"Robert Shearman" <rob at> wrote:
>>How many developers need to see the command line being passed to gcc? I 
>>would argue that it would be more useful if there was a short "[CC] 
>>regsvr.c" rather than the multi-line output there is now which makes 
>>warnings more difficult to spot.
>It's always helpful to see full command lines especially after configure
>or makefile changes.

I haven't had any need for that, but on the rare occasion that you might 
need that there is "make VERBOSE=yes".

>Personally I usually do 'make 2>build.log' if I want
>to see warnings or errors.

write_msft.c:590: warning: 'ctl2_alloc_importinfo' defined but not used
write_msft.c:628: warning: 'ctl2_alloc_importfile' defined but not used
write_msft.c:1048: warning: 'ctl2_find_nth_reference' defined but not used

It doesn't give the path, so that approach is useless except when 
building one directory on its own.


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