Can winedbg --auto backtrace all threads?

Michael Ost most at
Fri Jan 28 14:31:11 CST 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 12:13, Eric Pouech wrote:
> Michael Ost a écrit :
> > In order to help track down sporadic runtime crashes in our testing
> > process, I have turned on winedbg --auto when wine handles exceptions
> > via the AeDebug registry entry. 

> don't use the --auto flag and use the 'bt all' command at the prompt
> A+

Well, that won't work for us. We need --auto. There isn't a console or
prompt in this setup. The program is auto-started by X. 

So I guess I could look through the 'bt all' code and do something
similar in response to, say, --auto-all on the command line...?

- mo

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