Slick build output

Vincent Béron vberon at
Fri Jan 28 17:42:08 CST 2005

Le ven 28/01/2005 à 12:22, Robert Shearman a écrit :
> write_msft.c:590: warning: 'ctl2_alloc_importinfo' defined but not used
> write_msft.c:628: warning: 'ctl2_alloc_importfile' defined but not used
> write_msft.c:1048: warning: 'ctl2_find_nth_reference' defined but not used
> It doesn't give the path, so that approach is useless except when 
> building one directory on its own.

It's not like there are 10 write_msft.c files in the Wine source, so
it's not useless. Even if find finds multiple instances of a similarly
named file, it's usually pretty easy to find the originating file of a


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