[shlwapi/tests/shreg] Tests question

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 29 08:05:47 CST 2005


I've been testing some of these test extensively and can make them pass
on all the windows versions I have running. Doing this however means it
breaks the wine test.

An example is:

 * string grows during expanding
 * dwSize is larger then the size of part before the backslash but
smaller then the expanded string
 * if the unexpanded string fits into the buffer it can get cut when
strcpy(buf, sEmptyBuffer);
dwSize = sExpLen2 - 4;
dwType = -1;
dwRet = SHQueryValueExA( hKey, "Test3", NULL, &dwType, buf, &dwSize);
ok( (0 == strcmp("", buf)) | (0 == strcmp(sEnvvar2, buf)), "Buffer
should be the first part of the string (win98) or empty otherwise, it's
(%s)\n", buf);

Wine returns a part of the expanded string here:

So Wine doesn't do what either win98/winnt/win2k/winxp does (all latest
version of the OS's).

What's the best approach in this?

- fix Wine (but what should be the correct returned buffer?)
- extend the ok, by the returned buffer that Wine gives and effectively
ignore the differences.



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