[AppDB] Beef up the Application Rating Guidelines

tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Sat Jan 29 10:25:29 CST 2005

Francois Gouget wrote:
> I feel that the current 'Maintainers Ratings System Help' is awfully 
> vague and needs to be beefed up. So I'm attaching a proposal in which I 
> tried to keep the original spirit but make things more precise.
>  * First I'd like to rename this page from
>       Maintainers Ratings System Help
>    to
>       Maintainer's Application Rating Guidelines
>    - I added 'Application' to the title because that's what is being 
> rated, not the maintainers.
>    - I removed 'System' because it does not bring anything.
>    - And I changed 'Help' to 'Guidelines' because this page does not 
> juse tries to help maintainers give a random rating to an application, 
> it tries to define which rating an application can have depending on how 
> it runs.
>    - Finally once the old ratnig system is removed we can remove 
> "Maintainer's" since there will be only one left.
>  * I've also reversed the order of the medals, because it seems a more 
> logical progression and can simplify the explanations: in order to get a 
> Silver medal you must pass all the criterias for a Bronze medal, plus 
> some new ones.
>  * I still feel there's a huge gap between 'Garbage' and 'Bronze' and 
> that it would be interesting to have statistics about the percentage of 
> applications that fail to install, and those that install but crash on 
> startup, both cases which are included in the Garbage category along 
> with those that install and start up but are still not usable.
>    (Chocolate and Tin medals?)

How about:

- "Also Ran" for those that install and start up but are still not usable.


- "Did Not Finish" for those that install but crash on startup.

These are at least slightly intuitive and stay in with the "Prize or award" motif.


Tony Lambregts

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