MSVCRT: Re-implement *printf

Aneurin Price alp108 at
Sat Jan 29 14:06:02 CST 2005

Jesse Allen wrote:

>>Sorry for being late at responding.  I took a look at it finally like
>>a week ago.  You can definately break up the patch.
>Erm,  nevermind on breaking it up yet.  I started to myself, but I
>think it's more trouble than it's worth right now.  We can have that
>done later if that is what is wanted to have it accepted.
>I had another idea to help testing.  I added a comparison test in
>_vsnprintf to go ahead and see if there is any difference between libc
>and wine by calling libc's version.  If there is a difference, it will
>print a warning.  Here's an obvious example in action while running

Cool, that's a good idea. I was holding off on responding to the other 2 
posts until I'd come up with a meaningful response, but it's probably 
better to acknowledge them :).
In response to Juan's comments then:
1. Already done :). I had several test cases (including one for the 
example you give) committed some time ago.
2. Well I can certainly give it some thought, though I'm not sure yet 
how I'd want to do it. This is the part that made me want to wait before 
responding, since I don't have anything actually useful to add yet. 
Anyway, I'm not ignoring you, and will respond decently when I've found 
the time to play with this a bit :). Thanks for the input.

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