Q? system wide variables

Jakob Eriksson jakov at vmlinux.org
Sat Jan 29 18:00:21 CST 2005

Oliver Stieber wrote:

>    I need to track the 'fake' amount of video memory
>in total, allocated and left  for Directx 9 and would
>like to track it across wine so that DDraw, DirectX,
>DxDiag and X11 driver can all sing from the same song
>What's the best place to do this? is the registry code
>fast enough or should I add a new function to the X11
>driver so that I can request and release 'fake' video
>memory and make all other AvailableVideoMemory
>requests ask X11 driver?
>I would expect the use to be able to override by the
>initial amount, even if there's code that detects it
>since wine,X and openGL manage video memory
>differently to windows, direct draw and D3D.

How will this affect ReactOS?

They don't use X11.  They even plan on loading native
binary 3D drivers.


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