RICHEDIT once again

Krzysztof Foltman kfoltman at
Sun Jan 30 03:10:52 CST 2005

My rich text control is still far from even semi-complete, but I think 
too much is done to start over, so I'm releasing it today. The number 
one reason of its incompleteness is that I put more emphasis on making 
things work exactly like in the original than on implementing more 

It's been neglected for weeks, and only recently I've fixed some old 
bugs and slowly started implementing the simplest parts of the RICHEDIT 
control API. I'm still not done with the basic stuff, like undo stack, 
so there is not much to hack on. On the other hand, it's likely I've 
made some bad decisions during design, and having someone experienced to 
look at that seemed to be a good idea to me.

Some things look really tricky to implement with the current 
architecture, like the printing API (it will likely be an ugly hack, but 
I expect the same from the original, as screen formatting and print 
formatting may be very different). Some things just need time. I will 
probably need others' help to do the RTF parser. It's just way too much 

So, if anyone cares:

Compile using the recent-ish mingw (plus original SDK richedit header file).

Have fun,

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