Fwd: Re: Q? system wide variables

Mike Hearn mh at codeweavers.com
Sun Jan 30 06:31:26 CST 2005

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 21:10:33 +0000, Oliver Stieber wrote:
> Thought I should send this to winedev as well, is it
> just me, or is the reply address set to the sender and
> not winedev?

It's not just you. It's an annoying default that routinely causes
flamewars on every list that uses it. The mailing list software lets you
set the reply-to address to the list very easily but comes with a link to
a stupid lecture basically saying that people with horribly broken legacy
mail clients may be slightly inconvenienced by it. I read it when I set up
my first mailing lists and wasn't impressed at all.

Anyway, I doubt it'll change anytime soon, you just have to get used to
hitting the "reply to all" button instead. 

For some reason setting Reply-To to the list never causes flamewars <grumble>

thanks -mike

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