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Sun Jan 30 07:51:52 CST 2005

On Sunday 30 January 2005 14:00, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Final thing, we need a nice icon for win32 EXE files. I filed a bug
> against gnome-icon-theme (really we want it in hicolor so non-GNOME users
> get it too) but Jimmac is a busy busy man ...
KDE's default theme (CrystalSVG) already has an exec_wine icon. I think it's 
worth to make the icons have the same name so that uses of different 
environments can make use of different icons (KDE should look inside the 
current selected theme, then in his default theme, then in hicolor, then in 
locolor, so if it finds the icon in his themes, it doesn't go look in the 
hicolor one).

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