RICHEDIT once again

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Sun Jan 30 07:48:48 CST 2005

Krzysztof Foltman wrote:

> My rich text control is still far from even semi-complete, but I think 
> too much is done to start over, so I'm releasing it today. The number 
> one reason of its incompleteness is that I put more emphasis on making 
> things work exactly like in the original than on implementing more 
> functions.

Sorry to be barging in like this and maybe it is all Old news. But ...
I have been using in a few projects, Windows side and Linux, a grate 
rich edit control, I'm sure every body knows, and used even if he 
doesn't know. "Scintilla"! It has anything a RichEdit control needs (and 
much more but that does not have to be used). It even has the export to 
RTF function. (And to HTML for clipboard operations) It has 95% EditBox 
emulation. It is very stable, heavily used and debugged, and highly 
portable. The License is a BSD type license so I don't think it will be 
any problem. The only things missing are the RTF parser and the 
MS-RichEdit emulation (Data types and message translations). But it 
looks like these two are what above patch and existing code has. I am 
almost positive that if such a parser (And emulation layer) is submitted 
to the Scintilla project it will be farther maintained by the project. 
One more thing good about it, that makes a lot of sense, is its 
popularity, which means there are a lot of people that know this 
code-base and can help fix problems. (And it does compile under wine out 
of the box.)

Please forgive me if all this is "Old News". I didn't check the 
archives. Any way just my $0.02.

Free Life

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