SHLWAPI: implement PathIsValidChar{A,W}

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Sun Jan 30 15:29:26 CST 2005

Hi Hans, it looks like from values 0x7e onward the character class is
always PATH_CHAR_CLASS_OTHER_VALID.  If you like, for clarity you can fill
in the value through 0x7f, but having a lookup table beyond this isn't

Also, that means the data type can be unsigned char, not DWORD.

And, it looks like the return value isn't consistent:

+static BOOL WINAPI PathIsValidCharAW( unsigned char c, DWORD class )
+    return class & SHELL_charclass[c];

Here you mask class with the value in the table..

+BOOL WINAPI PathIsValidCharA( char c, DWORD class )
+    return PathIsValidCharAW( (unsigned char)c, class );

and again here, implicitly..

+BOOL WINAPI PathIsValidCharW( WCHAR c, DWORD class )
+    if (c > 0xff) return PATH_CHAR_CLASS_OTHER_VALID;
+    return PathIsValidCharAW( (unsigned char)c, class );

But for values of c greater than 0xff, you do not mask.  This may be
deliberate, I don't know, but it doesn't look correct.


p.s. Have you added me to your spam list yet? ;)

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