RICHEDIT once again

Rob Shearman rob at
Sun Jan 30 16:46:22 CST 2005

Krzysztof Foltman wrote:

> Rob Shearman wrote:
>> However, there are a few superfluous typecasts.
> Any examples ?

There are a few HGDIOBJ casts as well as the already mentioned ALLOC_OBJ 
macro. For example, in paint.c:

>> In particular, please remove the ALLOC_OBJ macro because the name 
>> seems to suggest it does more than it actually does.
> I'd prefer to rename the macro, and not remove it completely, it could 
> be used for tracking memory allocations one day. And I don't really 
> like the HeapAlloc API.

>> What is the ParaStyle structure used for?
> Currently, it's not used. It's a placeholder for keeping real 
> paragraph attributes, RICHEDIT's PARAFORMAT/PARAFORMAT2, part of which 
> is currently stored directly in ME_Paragraph (nAlign, nLeftMargin, 
> nRightMargin, nFirstMargin). The whole paragraph handling (para.c) 
> needs lots of work.


>> Each character can have a different style, so why is there a 
>> paragraph style?
> See above. The current content of the structure is irrelevant, and is 
> a kind of legacy from my misunderstanding of the relationship between 

Great. The code looks good so far. I look forward to being able to 
review a patch against Wine.


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