Slick build output

Jason But jbut at
Sun Jan 30 17:41:15 CST 2005

First, I apologise for the patch not being here...  It appears that my 
attachment failed, I include it inline in the mail this time..

> # Default running of (gnu)make causes a silent make with the NICE_ECHO 
> # macro expanding to the echo command.
> # Running (make VERBOSE=yes) causes the NICE_ECHO to expand to the NULL
> # shell command and cause no output.  The output will be as per the 
> # original incarnation of the Makefile
> ifneq ($(VERBOSE), yes)
> NICE_ECHO = @echo -e
> else
> NICE_ECHO = @:
> endif
>  $(NICE_ECHO) "    Compiling\t\t$<"

There has been a range of comments to my original proposal.  I make the 
following points.

- I understand that there are those who desire to see the full output, for 
those running "make VERBOSE=yes" will produce exactly the same output as 

- To the suggestion of "make -s", this gives no output and is pretty useless.

- I have been a developer for 20 years and nothing frustrates me more than 
make output that is over complicated.  I see the point of printing the full 
command line when developing and debugging the Makefile and the make process.  
Once this is fixed however, I prefer a simple output from make telling me 
what is currently being compiled, I don't need to see all output every time.

Finally, I have progressed a little further, but no patches for you yet.  I 
have modified the *.in files for, and in the libs and tools 
subdirectories.  My current output (of make) is attached below for comment.  
I have similar output for "make install" and "make uninstall" (output is 
nicely lined up on fixed-width fonts :-)


jbut-laptop# make
Making in libs/
Making in libs/port/
    Compiling           ffs.c
    Compiling           fstatvfs.c
    Compiling           futimes.c
    Compiling           getopt.c
    Compiling           getopt1.c
    Compiling           getpagesize.c
    Compiling           gettid.c
    Compiling           interlocked.c
    Compiling           lstat.c
    Compiling           memcpy_unaligned.c
    Compiling           memmove.c
    Compiling           mkstemps.c
    Compiling           pread.c
    Compiling           pwrite.c
    Compiling           readlink.c
    Compiling           sigsetjmp.c
    Compiling           spawn.c
    Compiling           statvfs.c
    Compiling           strcasecmp.c
    Compiling           strerror.c
    Compiling           strncasecmp.c
    Compiling           usleep.c
  Creating Library      libwine_port.a

Making in libs/unicode/
    Compiling           casemap.c
    Compiling           collation.c
    Compiling           compose.c
    Compiling           cptable.c
    Compiling           fold.c
    Compiling           mbtowc.c
    Compiling           sortkey.c
    Compiling           string.c
    Compiling           utf8.c
    Compiling           wctomb.c
    Compiling           wctype.c
    Compiling           c_037.c
    Compiling           c_424.c
    Compiling           c_437.c
    Compiling           c_500.c
    Compiling           c_737.c
    Compiling           c_775.c
    Compiling           c_850.c
    Compiling           c_852.c
    Compiling           c_855.c
    Compiling           c_856.c
    Compiling           c_857.c
    Compiling           c_860.c
    Compiling           c_861.c
    Compiling           c_862.c
    Compiling           c_863.c
    Compiling           c_864.c
    Compiling           c_865.c
    Compiling           c_866.c
    Compiling           c_869.c
    Compiling           c_874.c
    Compiling           c_875.c
    Compiling           c_878.c
    Compiling           c_932.c
    Compiling           c_936.c
    Compiling           c_949.c
    Compiling           c_950.c
    Compiling           c_1006.c
    Compiling           c_1026.c
    Compiling           c_1250.c
    Compiling           c_1251.c
    Compiling           c_1252.c
    Compiling           c_1253.c
    Compiling           c_1254.c
    Compiling           c_1255.c
    Compiling           c_1256.c
    Compiling           c_1257.c
    Compiling           c_1258.c
    Compiling           c_10000.c
    Compiling           c_10006.c
    Compiling           c_10007.c
    Compiling           c_10029.c
    Compiling           c_10079.c
    Compiling           c_10081.c
    Compiling           c_20866.c
    Compiling           c_20932.c
    Compiling           c_28591.c
    Compiling           c_28592.c
    Compiling           c_28593.c
    Compiling           c_28594.c
    Compiling           c_28595.c
    Compiling           c_28596.c
    Compiling           c_28597.c
    Compiling           c_28598.c
    Compiling           c_28599.c
    Compiling           c_28600.c
    Compiling           c_28603.c
    Compiling           c_28604.c
    Compiling           c_28605.c
    Compiling           c_28606.c
  Creating Library
  Creating Library

Making in libs/wine/
    Compiling           config.c
config.c: In function `init_server_dir':
config.c:120: warning: right shift count >= width of type
config.c:125: warning: right shift count >= width of type
    Compiling           debug.c
    Compiling           ldt.c
    Compiling           loader.c
    Compiling           mmap.c
    Compiling           port.c
  Creating Library
  Creating Library

Making in libs/wpp/
    Compiling           preproc.c
    Compiling           wpp.c
    YACCing             ppy.y
    LEXing              ppl.l
    Compiling           lex.yy.c
  Creating Library      libwpp.a

Making in tools/
    Compiling           bin2res.c
  Linking               bin2res
    Compiling           fnt2bdf.c
  Linking               fnt2bdf
    Compiling           fnt2fon.c
  Linking               fnt2fon
    Compiling           makedep.c
  Linking               makedep
    Compiling           sfnt2fnt.c
  Linking               sfnt2fnt
  Creating              wineprefixcreate
Making in tools/widl/
    Compiling           hash.c
    Compiling           header.c
    Compiling           proxy.c
    Compiling           typelib.c
    Compiling           utils.c
    Compiling           widl.c
    Compiling           write_msft.c
write_msft.c:584: warning: 'ctl2_alloc_importinfo' defined but not used
write_msft.c:622: warning: 'ctl2_alloc_importfile' defined but not used
write_msft.c:920: warning: 'ctl2_find_nth_reference' defined but not used
    YACCing             parser.y
conflicts:  25 shift/reduce
    LEXing              parser.l
    Compiling           lex.yy.c
  Linking               widl

Making in tools/winebuild/
    Compiling           import.c
    Compiling           main.c
    Compiling           parser.c
    Compiling           relay.c
    Compiling           res16.c
    Compiling           res32.c
    Compiling           spec16.c
    Compiling           spec32.c
    Compiling           utils.c
  Linking               winebuild

Making in tools/winedump/
    Compiling           debug.c
    Compiling           emf.c
    Compiling           le.c
    Compiling           main.c
    Compiling           misc.c
    Compiling           msmangle.c
    Compiling           ne.c
    Compiling           output.c
    Compiling           pe.c
    Compiling           search.c
    Compiling           symbol.c
  Linking               winedump

Making in tools/winegcc/
    Compiling           winegcc.c
    Compiling           utils.c
  Linking               winegcc

Making in tools/wmc/
    Compiling           lang.c
    YACCing             mcy.y
    YACCing             mcy.y
    Compiling           mcl.c
    Compiling           utils.c
    Compiling           wmc.c
    Compiling           write.c
  Linking               wmc

Making in tools/wrc/
    Compiling           dumpres.c
    Compiling           genres.c
    Compiling           newstruc.c
    Compiling           readres.c
    Compiling           translation.c
    Compiling           utils.c
    Compiling           wrc.c
    Compiling           writeres.c
    YACCing             parser.y
conflicts:  5 shift/reduce
    LEXing              parser.l
    Compiling           lex.yy.c
  Linking               wrc

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