some benchmark results

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Sun Jan 30 18:36:01 CST 2005

I found an interesting program today and took it for a spin.  I'm sure
someone smarter than me can decipher this and get more out of it.

It's called PerformanceTest v5.0 (build 1017) and it does benchmarks
on lots of different things.  I didn't look into what, if any of this
stuff depends on Win32.  For all I know it's written in assembly.  A
quick look at the results seems to point at lots of Win32 stuff.  You
can download it from:

The installer runs fine under Wine.  

I wasn't able to run all the tests, but here's what I got results for
on Wine (Fedora Core 3) and WinXP on the same hardware:

CPU (nothing too interesting here):
			Windows	Wine
Integer math		201.5		209	MOps/sec
Floating point		210.9		210.4	MOps/sec
MMX			177.1		178.4	Million matrices/sec
SSE/3DNow		132.6		136.8	Million matrices/sec
Compression		1548.0		1634.8	KBytes/sec
Encryption		7.2		7.0	MBytes/sec
Image rotation		138.8		139.9	rotations/sec
Random string sorting	362.2		355.8	thousand strings/sec
CPU Mark		321.2		328.5	"composite score"

2D (interesting, but probably not news)
			Windows	Wine
Lines			75.8		39.5 thousand lines/sec
Filled rectangles	39.2		19.1 thousand images/sec
Unfilled shapes		26.1		 8.7 thousand shapes/sec
Fonts (won't run, RichEdit20 problem, native not tried)	
GUI 			124.3		22.4 ops/second

3D (won't run to completion on Wine, I believe it's DX7-based)
Simple			65.2
Medium			97.8
Complex			37.1

Memory (interesting)
			Windows	Wine
Allocate small block	676.5		248.8	MBytes/sec
Read cached		1124.4		1132.6	MBytes/sec
Read uncached		912.7		965.4	MBytes/sec
Write			474.3		446.5	MBytes/sec
Memory Mark		310.8		274.9	"composite score"

			Windows	Wine
Sequential read		19.9		18.1 	MBytes/sec
Sequential write	12.5		14.4 	MBytes/sec
Random seek		2.2		 3.2 	MBytes/sec
Disk Mark		91.3		94.1	"composite score"
Read			1.1		1.2	MBytes/sec
CD Mark			54.3		58.5	"composite score"

I'm very impressed the 2D GUI runs through to completion.  If you just
run one test, give that a try.

The system is a Celeron 2.2GHz laptop, SiS chipset for graphics, 256MB
RAM.  Total "Passmark" rating on XP was 185.8.

Anything stand out to anyone?  Anyone have any insights into the results?

As far as an intepretation goes, seems fairly obvious to me and about
what you'd expect.. apps with heavy CPU are comparable to Windows, 2D
and 3D apps will suffer a big performance hit, and apps requiring
heavy IO (memory, disk) might even get a small performance boost under
Wine (because of Linux?)


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