- how to use in linux programs?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Jan 31 08:51:59 CST 2005

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i am in the process of decoding mapi for an exchange 5.5 client/server

i have got to the point where i can send (with a test program) and
receive (in a test server) MAPI data.

i noticed that Wine has a

i was therefore wondering: could someone kindly point me in the
direction of a stand-alone example program plus example Makefile(.am?)
which i can cut/paste which will show me how to use

the test program relies on a test loader program, so i can't find a
"int main (char *argv[], int argc)" anywhere nor is it obvious what's
going on.

pointers to any existing simple usage documentation more than

any information and assistance greatly appreciated: in the mean-time i
will keep blatting out hard-coded packets...


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