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Mike Hearn mh at
Mon Jan 31 11:43:52 CST 2005

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 14:34:23 +0100, Katia Maculan wrote:
> Hello,
> In the last few days I executed some tests to understand a segmentation
> fault problem in my pcsdll library working with WineLib in RedHat 9.
> I created:
> - A little library pcsdll exporting a function that calls the TlsAlloc
> function
> - A little executable pcsmon that calls the exported library pcsdll
> function and creates a window
> Linking the library with the command
> g++ -m32 -march=pentium-mmx -mcpu=i686 -g -shared -Wl,
> ......

I'm afraid you can't do this, you must use wineg++ not regular g++. The
resulting library is only usable from Win32/Winelib applications.

> when the pcsmon calls the library function the library obtains a
> segmentation fault in calling TlsAlloc function.

Yes, to use the Win32 API you must run it using Wine as a Winelib app or
library. Anything else won't work.

thanks -mike

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