emsabp.idl - virtually identical data structures to mapidefs.h

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Jan 31 17:12:25 CST 2005


here's an IDL file i'm working on for exchange 5.5 server.

as you can see it's virtually identical, structure-for-structure,
to those listed in mapidefs.h.

at about struct MAPIERROR, the similarity stops.

thoughts, anyone?


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[ uuid(f5cc5a18-4264-101a-8c59-08002b2f8426),
implicit_handle(handle_t rpc_binding)
] interface emsabp

/* this is mostly identical to wine/include/mapidefs.h,
 * up until MAPIERROR, at which point it looks completely
 * unfamiliar and alien.
 * the functions in the IMAPITable only look _vaguely_
 * familiar but are like, utterly different.
 * really odd.  same data structures.  different functions.
 * oh well.
#define PR_ENTRYID            0x0fff0102
#define PR_OBJECTID           0xfffd0003
#define PR_DISPLAY_NAME       0x3001001e
#define PR_DEPTH              0x30050003
#define PR_PARENTENTRYID      0xfffc0102

  typedef unsigned short WCHAR;

  typedef struct {
    long element_1;
    long element_2;
    long element_3;
    long element_4;
    long element_5;
    long element_6;
    long element_7;
    long element_8;
    long element_9;

  typedef struct {
    char ab[16];

  typedef [context_handle] void *emsabp_hnd_t;

  long NspiBind(
        [in] handle_t element_11,
        [in] long element_12,
        [in, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_13,
    [in,out, unique] MAPIUID *element_14,
       [out] emsabp_hnd_t *element_15

  long NspiUnbind(
    [in,out] emsabp_hnd_t *element_16,
        [in] long element_17

  long NspiUpdateStat(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_18,
        [in] long element_19,
    [in,out, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_20,
    [in,out, unique] long *element_21

/* typedef [ptr, string] unsigned long *EMS_SPropTagArray;*/

  /* this is probably an SPropTagArray.  although it doesn't match
   * up with the definition in wine/includes/mapidefs.h, it also
   * is the data structure i've had the most difficulty with, matching
   * it to on-wire format.
  typedef struct {
    [unique, length_is(cValues), size_is(cValues)] long *aulPropTag;
    long cValues;
    /*long element_24;*/
  } EMS_SPropTagArray;

  typedef [unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *EMS_LPSPropTagArray ;

  typedef struct {
    long cb;
    [size_is(cb), ptr] char *lpb;
  } EMS_SBinary;

  typedef struct {
    long dwLowDateTime;
    long dwHighDateTime;

  typedef struct {
    long cValues;
    [size_is(cValues), ptr] short *lpi;
  } EMS_SShortArray;

  typedef struct {
    long cValues;
    [size_is(cValues), ptr] long *lpl; 

  typedef struct {
    long cValues;
    [size_is(cValues), ptr] long *lppszA; /* this doesn't look right: should be a LPSTR */
  } EMS_SLPSTRArray;

  typedef struct {
    long cValues;
    [size_is(cValues), ptr] EMS_SBinary *lpbin;
  } EMS_SBinaryArray;

  typedef struct {
    long cValues;
    [size_is(cValues), ptr] long *lpguid; /* this doesn't look right: it should be a GUID* */
  } EMS_SGuidArray;

  typedef struct {
    long cValues;
    [size_is(cValues), ptr] long *lpi; /* this doesn't look right: it should be a LPWSTR* */

  typedef struct {
    long cValues;
    [size_is(cValues), ptr] EMS_FILETIME *lpft;
  } EMS_SDateTimeArray;

  typedef [ptr, string] unsigned short *WSTRING;
  typedef [ptr, string] char *STRING;

#define PT_UNSPECIFIED 0x0000 
#define PT_NULL 0x0001 
#define PT_I2 0002 
#define PT_LONG 0003 
#define PT_R4 0004 
#define PT_DOUBLE 0x0005 
#define PT_CURRENCY 0x0006 
#define PT_APPTIME 0x0007 
/*#define PT_CLSID 0x0008 */
#define PT_ERROR 0x000a 
    means in a response package, that the given attribute contains no value,
        or not exists.
	    -> So it won't be contained in the enumeration of the attrib. values array.
#define PT_BOOLEAN 0x000b 
#define PT_OBJECT 0x000d 
#define PT_I8 0x0014 
#define PT_STRING8 0x001e 
#define PT_UNICODE 0x001f 
#define PT_SYSTIME  0x0040 
#define PT_CLSID 0x0048 
#define PT_BINARY 0x0102 /*(the corresponding ???HDR entry is 4 bytes longer in this case!) 1??? */

/* MV means MultiValued*/
#define PT_MV_I2 0x1002 
#define PT_MV_LONG 0x1003 
#define PT_MV_R4 0x1004 
#define PT_MV_DOUBLE 0x1005 
#define PT_MV_CURRENCY 0x1006 
#define PT_MV_APPTIME 0x1007 
#define PT_MV_I8 0x1014 
#define PT_MV_STRING8 0x101e 
#define PT_MV_TSTRING 0x101e
#define PT_MV_UNICODE 0x101f 
#define PT_MV_SYSTIME 0x1040 
#define PT_MV_CLSID 0x1048 
#define PT_MV_BINARY 0x1102 

  typedef [switch_type(long)] union {
    [case(PT_I2)] short i;
    [case(PT_LONG)] long l;
    [case(PT_BOOLEAN)] short b;
    [case(PT_STRING8)] STRING lpszA;
    [case(PT_BINARY)] EMS_SBinary bin;
    [case(PT_UNICODE)] WSTRING lpszW;
    [case(PT_CLSID), ptr] MAPIUID *lpguid;
    [case(PT_ERROR)] long err;
    [case(PT_MV_I2)] EMS_SShortArray MVi;
    [case(PT_MV_STRING8)] EMS_SLPSTRArray MVszA;
    [case(PT_MV_BINARY)] EMS_SBinaryArray MVbin;
    [case(PT_MV_CLSID)] EMS_SGuidArray MVguid;
    [case(PT_MV_SYSTIME)] EMS_SDateTimeArray MVft;
    [case(PT_NULL)] long null;
    [case(PT_OBJECT)] long object;
  } EMS_SPropValue_CTR;

  typedef struct {
    long ulPropTag;
    long dwAlignPad;
    [switch_is(ulPropTag)] EMS_SPropValue_CTR Value; 
  } EMS_SPropValue;

  typedef struct {
    long ulAdrEntryPad;
    long cValues;
    [size_is(cValues), unique] EMS_SPropValue *lpProps;
  } EMS_SRow;

  typedef [unique] EMS_SRow *EMS_SRow_PTR ;

  typedef struct {
    long cRows;
    [size_is(cRows)] EMS_SRow aRow[*];
  } EMS_SRowSet;

  typedef [unique] EMS_SRowSet *EMS_SRowSet_PTR ;

  long NspiQueryRows(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_69,
        [in] long element_70,
    [in,out, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_71,
        [in] long lRows,
        [in, size_is(lRows), unique] long *element_73,
        [in] long element_74,
        [in, ref] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_75,
       [out, ref] EMS_SRowSet_PTR *element_76

  long NspiSeekEntries(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_77,
        [in] long element_78,
    [in,out, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_79,
        [in, ref] EMS_SPropValue *element_80,
        [in, unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_81,
        [in, unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_82,
       [out, ref] EMS_SRowSet_PTR *element_83

  typedef [ptr] struct _SRestriction *LPSRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long cRes;
    [size_is(cRes)] LPSRestriction lpRes;
  } EMS_SAndRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long cRes;
    [size_is(cRes)] LPSRestriction lpRes;
  } EMS_SOrRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    /* ULONG ulReserved - perhaps an [ignore] property on this one? */
    LPSRestriction lpRes;
  } EMS_SNotRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long ulFuzzyLevel;
    long ulPropTag;
    [ptr] EMS_SPropValue *lpProp;
  } EMS_SContentRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long relop;
    long ulPropTag;
    [ptr] EMS_SPropValue *lpProp;
  } EMS_SPropertyRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long ulReserved1;
    long ulPropTag;
    long ulReserved2;
  } EMS_SExistRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long relop;
    long ulPropTag;
    long cb;
  } EMS_SSizeRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long relBMR;
    long ulPropTag;
    long ulMask;
  } EMS_SBitMaskRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long relop;
    long ulPropTag1;
    long ulPropTag2;
  } EMS_SComparePropsRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    long ulSubObject;
    LPSRestriction lpRes;
  } EMS_SSubRestriction;

  typedef struct {
    [unique] MAPIUID *lpguid;
    long ulKind;
    long lID; /* this is actually a union in mapidefs.h */

/* Restriction types */
#define RES_AND            0U
#define RES_OR             1U
#define RES_NOT            2U
#define RES_CONTENT        3U
#define RES_PROPERTY       4U
#define RES_BITMASK        6U
#define RES_SIZE           7U
#define RES_EXIST          8U
#define RES_COMMENT        10U

  typedef [switch_type(long)] union {
    [case(RES_AND)           ] EMS_SAndRestriction resAnd;
    [case(RES_OR)            ] EMS_SOrRestriction resOr;
    [case(RES_NOT)           ] EMS_SNotRestriction resNot;
    [case(RES_CONTENT)       ] EMS_SContentRestriction resContent;
    [case(RES_PROPERTY)      ] EMS_SPropertyRestriction resProperty;
    [case(RES_COMPAREPROPS)  ] EMS_SComparePropsRestriction resCompareProps;
    [case(RES_BITMASK)       ] EMS_SBitMaskRestriction resBitMask;
    [case(RES_SUBRESTRICTION)] EMS_SSubRestriction resSub;
    [case(RES_SIZE)          ] EMS_SSizeRestriction resSize;
    [case(RES_EXIST)         ] EMS_SExistRestriction resExist;
    /* case SCommentRestriction is missing! */
  } EMS_SRestriction_CTR;

  typedef struct _SRestriction {
    long rt;
    [switch_is(rt)] EMS_SRestriction_CTR res;
  } EMS_SRestriction;

  long NspiGetMatches(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_110,
        [in] long element_111,
    [in,out, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_112,
        [in, unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_113,
        [in] long element_114,
        [in, unique] EMS_SRestriction *element_115,
        [in, unique] EMS_MAPINAMEID *element_116,
        [in] long element_117,
       [out, ref] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_118,
        [in, ref] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_119,
       [out, ref] EMS_SRowSet_PTR *element_120

  long NspiResortRestriction(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_121,
        [in] long element_122,
    [in,out, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_123,
        [in, ref] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_124,
    [in,out, ref] EMS_LPSPropTagArray *element_125

  typedef struct {
    long element_126;
    [unique, string] char *element_127;

  long NspiDNToEph(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_128,
        [in] long element_129,
        [in, ref] EMS_NAME_STRING *element_130,
       [out, ref] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_131

  long NspiGetPropList(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_132,
        [in] long element_133,
        [in] long element_134,
        [in] long element_135,
       [out, ref] EMS_LPSPropTagArray *element_136

  long NspiGetProps(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_137,
        [in] long element_138,
        [in, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_139,
        [in, unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_140,
       [out, ref] EMS_SRow_PTR *element_141

  long NspiCompareDNTs(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_142,
        [in] long element_143,
        [in, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_144,
        [in] long element_145,
        [in] long element_146,
       [out, ref] long *element_147

  long NspiModProps(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_148,
        [in] long element_149,
        [in, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_150,
        [in, unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_151,
        [in, ref] EMS_SRow *element_152

  long NspiGetHierarchyInfo(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_153,
        [in] long element_154,
        [in, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_155,
    [in,out, ref] long *element_156,
       [out, ref] EMS_SRowSet_PTR *element_157

  long NspiGetTemplateInfo(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_158,
        [in] long element_159,
        [in] long element_160,
        [in, unique, string] char *element_161,
        [in] long element_162,
        [in] long element_163,
       [out, ref] EMS_SRow_PTR *element_164

  long NspiModLInkAtt(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_165,
        [in] long element_166,
        [in] long element_167,
        [in] long element_168,
        [in, ref] EMS_SBinaryArray *element_169

  long NspiDeleteEntries(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_170,
        [in] long element_171,
        [in] long element_172,
        [in, ref] EMS_SBinaryArray *element_173

  long NspiQueryColumns(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_174,
        [in] long element_175,
        [in] long element_176,
       [out, ref] EMS_LPSPropTagArray *element_177

  typedef struct {
    long element_178;
    [unique] MAPIUID *element_179;


  long NspiGetNamesFromIDs(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_180,
        [in] long element_181,
        [in, unique] MAPIUID *element_182,
        [in, unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_183,
       [out, ref] EMS_LPSPropTagArray *element_184,
       [out, ref] EMS_NAME_CLSID_PTR *element_185

  long NspiGetIDsFromNames(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_186,
        [in] long element_187,
        [in] long element_188,
        [in] long element_189,
        [in, size_is(element_189), ref] long *element_190,
       [out, ref] EMS_LPSPropTagArray *element_191

  long NspiResolveNames(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_192,
        [in] long element_193,
        [in, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_194,
        [in, unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_195,
        [in, ref] EMS_NAME_STRING *element_196,
       [out, ref] EMS_LPSPropTagArray *element_197,
       [out, ref] EMS_SRowSet_PTR *element_198

  typedef struct {
    long element_199;
    [unique, string] WCHAR *element_200;

  long NspiResolveNamesW(
        [in] emsabp_hnd_t element_201,
        [in] long element_202,
        [in, ref] EMS_MAPI_UNIDENTIFIED *element_203,
        [in, unique] EMS_SPropTagArray *element_204,
        [in, ref] EMS_NAME_UNICODE *element_205,
       [out, ref] EMS_LPSPropTagArray *element_206,
       [out, ref] EMS_SRowSet_PTR *element_207


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