Running Palm Desktop

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at
Sun Jul 3 16:30:55 CDT 2005

Am Sonntag, 3. Juli 2005 21:28 schrieb James Liggett:
> Hi Stefan,
> Thanks for the reply. I was able to get Palm Desktop to install using
> the CD that came with my palm (I have a Tungsten T. It comes with v.
> 4.1). It's odd that the one you have doesn't install anything. Did you
> install native Windows Installer or are you using builtin?
Hello James,

i used builtin Windows Installer on a fresh created .wine/drive_c. The only 
thing i installed was ie6 because the installer complained about its missing 
when i tried it last.

So the interesting question now is: What software did you install before the 
Palm Desktop?

Bye Stefan

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