Wrapping around stdcall

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 12:42:23 CDT 2005

I have been trying to get some work done on a class returned by
CreateTextServices, but the differences between windows' stdcall and
linux' are giving me a few headaches. right now I've done it pretty much
like this:

/* These macros are taken from wine/dlls/msvcrt/cpp.c */
#ifdef __i386__  /* thiscall functions are i386-specific */

#define THISCALL(func) __thiscall_ ## func
#define THISCALL_NAME(func) __ASM_NAME("__thiscall_" #func)
    extern void THISCALL(func)(); \
    __ASM_GLOBAL_FUNC(__thiscall_ ## func, \
                      "popl %eax\n\t" \
                      "pushl %ecx\n\t" \
                      "pushl %eax\n\t" \
                      "jmp " __ASM_NAME(#func) )
#else /* __i386__ */

#define THISCALL(func) func
#define THISCALL_NAME(func) __ASM_NAME(#func)
#define DEFINE_THISCALL_WRAPPER(func) /* nothing */

#endif /* __i386__ */

static HRESULT __stdcall fnTextSrv_TxSendMessage(ITextServices *iface,
                                              UINT msg,
                                              WPARAM wparam,
                                              LPARAM lparam,
                                              LRESULT* plresult)
{ .... }

static const ITextServicesVtbl textservices_Vtbl =
   ... };

This works, however it is not clean, it gives me 2 compiler warnings:
1: fnTextServ_TxSendMessage defined but not used
2: initialisation from incompatible pointer type (in the vtable)

I wonder how I can do this cleaner (Meaning no compiler warnings without
 ugly hacks). Also I would like to know how to call a function like
__thiscall_fnTextSrv_TxSendMessage, because some methods I need are
implemented in windows' stdcall. And I would like to know wether
include/textserv.h needs to be adjusted now that I know they are not WINAPI.

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