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Wed Jul 6 04:28:45 CDT 2005

>>>>> "James" == James Liggett <jrliggett at> writes:

    James> Hi Uwe, I figured out how to install Palm Desktop, perhaps this
    James> might prove useful to someone:

    James> 1. Install native Windows Installer manually. To do this, install
    James> dcom98 first. Then run instmsia.exe. The install will complain,
    James> but it will leave behind all the files you need in
    James> Windows\Installer\InstMsi0. Copy all the files in there to
    James> Windows\system, and set msi.dll and msiexec.exe to native.

    James> 2. Install Windows Script 5.6. You can download it from here:
    James> Keep in mind that it's the English version though. To install it,
    James> set setupapi to builtin and run the file.

This is what winetools does too...

    James> 3. Run Palm Desktop setup like normal, and it will install
    James> everything you need.

    James> Of course, running palm desktop is a different story (there is a
    James> crash in WinMM that stops it from running.) I'm currently working
What crash?
There is a known problem with a broken mircoquill heap checking library

    James> on getting Hotsync to work with my USB cradle using the visor
    James> driver, but there's some problems with that. I'll post a dump of
    James> the messages I get and see if I can make something happen. Thanks
    James> for the help :).

While I see chances with a serial connection, USB has probably a long way to


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