[WINECFG] Japanese translation

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Wed Jul 6 10:59:18 CDT 2005

Frank Richter wrote:

>On 05.07.2005 09:28, Hajime Segawa wrote:
>>+FONT 9, "MS UI Gothic"
>Isn't it on Windows the case that dialogs generally use "MS Shell Dlg[
>2]", which is at runtime mapped to a font appropriate for the language
>(e.g. "MS UI Gothic" for Japanese)?
>This link, while not 100% on that topic, contains some links:

Hi Frank,

Mapping MS Shell Dlg to MS UI Gothic at runtime requires font linking to 
be implemented, and it isn't in Wine, so we need to specify the font 
manually for Far East languages (Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese 
and Traditional Chinese).
Font linking is where the GDI character drawing functions look at the 
font and see that the specified character is not present in the font and 
automatically load another font to use instead of drawing the square 
that you would have previously have seen.

Rob Shearman

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