[kernel/module.c] Return ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND for NULL hModule

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 11 13:20:12 CDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-11 at 16:07, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> "Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at baikal.ru> writes:
> > Probably the test also should confirm whether it's a responsibility of
> > dlls/ntdll/loader.c,LdrGetProcedureAddress() to return STATUS_ENTRYPOINT_NOT_FOUND
> > which will be converted by GetProcAddress to ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND.
> I suspect what is happening here is that GetProcAddress, like most
> other kernel functions, treats 0 as meaning 'main exe module', since
> passing other invalid module handles results in ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND as
> expected. Testing this will be a bit tricky since it requires building
> an exe with an export table, but that should be feasible with Mingw.

in this is case it's definitly not a 'main exe module'. The trace (with
patch) shows:

000c:Call kernel32.LoadLibraryA(0044a1a4 "aclui.dll") ret=0041c586
000c:warn:module:load_dll Failed to load module L"aclui.dll"; status=c0000135
000c:Ret  ntdll.LdrLoadDll() retval=c0000135 ret=595674c6
000c:Call ntdll.RtlFreeHeap(7bde0000,00000000,7be3c920) ret=59557f92
000c:Ret  ntdll.RtlFreeHeap() retval=00000001 ret=59557f92
000c:Call ntdll.RtlNtStatusToDosError(c0000135) ret=5956752d
000c:Ret  ntdll.RtlNtStatusToDosError() retval=0000007e ret=5956752d
000c:Ret  kernel32.LoadLibraryA() retval=00000000 ret=0041c586
000c:Call kernel32.GetProcAddress(00000000,0044a1b0 "CreateSecurityPage") ret=0041c589
000c:Call ntdll.RtlNtStatusToDosError(c000007a) ret=595678e7
000c:Ret  ntdll.RtlNtStatusToDosError() retval=0000007f ret=595678e7
000c:Ret  kernel32.GetProcAddress() retval=00000000 ret=0041c589

So the code just loads the module without checking and then does a GetProcAddress where it 
will check the GetLastError. (CreateSecurityPage is part of aclui.dll)

I will create a test for LdrGetProcedureAddress anyway.



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