Window resizing in wined3d

Oliver Stieber oliver_stieber at
Sat Jul 16 08:00:27 CDT 2005

--- Nick Burns <adger44 at> wrote:

> Is window resizing supported in GLX wined3d?
> For GLX -> WGL wined3d...
> I have written an incorrect version of window
> resizing -- that simply 
> changes the viewport. This viewport changing works
> fine for the demos (but 
> does not stretch the output as semantically defined
> by d3d9).
It's not supported yet. I plan to support it by
writing reset and sharing the code that recreates the 
front, back and stencil buffers.

I haven't written reset because EvictManagedResources
was causing problems that should be fixed by the
mipmap patch I sent in yesterday.

> I am guessing that pbuffers would have to be used as
> the render target -- 
> then during a present the pbuffer would be bitbltted
> (stretched) to the 
> output window...
We could do that, but potentially it's slow and
doesn't work on cards that don't support pbuffers.
'stretching' is just a case of setting up the proper
viewport and matrix.

> An alternate possibility is to use DibSections...
> (probably slow as dirt -- 
> also not GLX compliant)
> -----------
> Anyhow I have added SwapEffect and
> PresentationInterval support to my GLX -> 
> WGL wined3d patch (so now vsync options are
> supported -- good for 
> preformance measurments)
> -----------
> And lastly with my GLX -> WGL patch would it be
> better to use wgl functions 
> explictly and remove support for GLX completely or
> would it be better to 
> support both GLX and WGL (as mine does currently)
I don't think we should be adding another layer if we
can help it.

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