Automatic ANSI<>Unicode message translation

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Jul 26 02:31:50 CDT 2005

"Phil Krylov" <phil at> wrote:

> > This patch is not correct. All messages which potentially go through wineserver
> > should be posted/sent via unicode.
> OK, then how you would suggest to solve the problem described in previous
> messages of this thread?

One solution is to translate the whole wparam.

> > Perhaps map_wparam_AtoW and map_wparam_WtoA
> > should translate the whole wparam, i.e. both high and low bytes.
> What about the character codes which can't be converted?

A->W conversion doesn't have that problem, A->W translation either if
you use a valid source (i.e. the result of the A->W conversion).

> > What does
> > Windows do if the current locale is DBCS (Chinese/Japanese/Korean), does it
> > translate the whole wparam in that case?
> AFAIK in DBCS two separate messages are used.

A test under Windows would say it for sure.


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