Use Gecko to render HTML

Jacek Caban jack at
Thu Jul 28 14:49:24 CDT 2005


I've sent a patch that makes MSHTML use Gecko to render
HTML. Unfortunately, it uses Windows Gecko, not Linux
one. Alexandre wrote me that it's impossible to get perfect
support for XEmbed container, so, although my
implementation was enough for Gecko, it can't go to CVS
and I should use Windows one. So, as of now, support for
the Linux version went into trash and I've sent this patch.
Well, I don't give up with Linux version, I have an other
idea, but that's not for the nearest future. One plus is that
the Windows version is much simpler...

Now it's time to write about this patch. For now it can use
Gecko installed with Mozilla Suite or Mozilla ActiveX
Control - it could use any Gecko-based product, but
we have to be able to search for it (every Gecko-based
product has its own registry settings for Gecko path). I'm
planning to add Firefox support, but it doesn't work yet
and I have to find why. If you think there should be support
for any other application, please let me know. As our
shdocvw still uses Mozilla ActiveX Control, I think it should
be preferred (it's the first one on the search list and it's
smallest). In future, when we'll implement shdocvw on top
on MSHTML and get rid of Mozilla ActiveX Control
dependency, I think it will be better to have a package like
wine-gecko with an installer, downloaded  automatically
when  needed (well, not automatically in MS sens, user will
be informed about it ;-) ). We need a very limited version
of Gecko, so it will be just small package.

What does this patch change? You may see IE working on
Gecko engine! Not much of its functionality is implemented
yet, but a HTML document is displayed. Soon there will be
more! To see how it works for your program, probably you
will have to set shdocvw to native (and usually urlmon,
maybe wininet) and mshtml as builtin.


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