Google "Summer of Code"

Mike Hearn mh at
Wed Jun 1 07:22:46 CDT 2005

On Tue, 31 May 2005 22:07:44 -0500, Jeremy White wrote:
> my issue is that I don't think we want to set the bar
> too low.  I don't think an easy integration project is
> appropriate.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I at least think it would
> be cool if these led to some very meaningful and truly
> useful improvements to Wine, and perhaps to a new talented
> student getting hooked on Wine.

We need more people working on app compatibility! :) Maybe we can choose
some apps that are "nearly there" and get people to solve the last few
bugs or alternatively make one of the projects "Bring any 3 apps up to
Gold status in the appdb".

Really not enough Wine hackers these days (IMHO) bash away and fixing
popular apps ... we have a lot of infrastructure and janitorial work going
on at times, as well as filling out DLLs - all this is important but being
able to run apps doubly so!

thanks -mike

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