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David Gümbel david.guembel at
Wed Jun 1 09:24:29 CDT 2005

Hi everybody,

On Mittwoch 01 Juni 2005 03:44, Jeremy White wrote:
> I think we should jump on this, folks.

...this is about the perfect moment to hopefully get one of my projects up 
and running: Wine in Academics[tm]. As some of you might know, we (ITOMIG) 
have a nice working agreement with professor Spruth at Tübingen university. 
He's willing to supervise academic projects based on Wine. So far, we have 
Michael, who's starting his work on the subject of porting Windows-based 
applications using the Winelib.

I intended give a talk to students about Wine and possible ways of doing 
e.g. a Master's thesis based on Wine, on june 13. The Google stipends are a 
very pleasant surprise that might help me in convincing people ;) However, 
I think as the Summer of Code applications must be made before june 14, 
I'll try to move that to next monday (june 6). 
For that purpose, I'd be very happy if you could help us in brainstorming 
and coming up with some ideas for cool projects. I'd present some of those 
ideas on monday, too, and I'll advertise all Wine-based candidates for the 
SOC at my faculty.

I have created a Wiki page at that 
describes what kind of work would make good projects here - "Studienarbeit" 
and "Diplomarbeit" don't seem to have very good equivalents in the US 
system. However, a Diplomarbeit corresponds approximately to a Master's 
thesis, and I think almost all projects that fit into the Summer of Code 
would make at least a nice Studienarbeit, or maybe even serve as a good 
basis for a Diplomarbeit.

> I can think of a few projects that ought to be fun
> and not too hard for a bright student.

That's great! I've taken myself the liberty of creating a Wiki page for 
project proposals, in order to make it easier to keep track of them. Volia:

> How should we structure it?  My first thought was that
> we ought to have a set of volunteers (a dreaded committee
> perhaps), that reviews and agrees on the tasks
> (so that they can be normalized a bit).  I'll even
> volunteer :-/.  Other ideas?

Sounds good to me. Maybe it would be wise to first collect many ideas, and 
then make a selection for the SOC. Projects that are not selected might 
make a good base for other academic works or similar things, so I would be 
sad to see good ideas lost, even if they don't fit perfectly.



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