Winelib MFC app crashes after printing

Eugene Aksenov e-aksenov at
Wed Jun 1 03:53:37 CDT 2005


I have a small MFC app ported to winelib which uses MFC compiled with winelib. Really, it is just an App-Wizard generated application.
I always have a crash of the application after printing. The page is printed ok but after that the app crashes. 
I use LPD for printing and my command line from wine is 
'lpr -P<myprinter>'. I also try to print without MFC support i.e creating the printer DC by hand etc - the crash is the same, it follows EndDoc() call.

There is no crash like this at the same linux configuration using in a 'pure' Win32 simple application without MFC though the code for printing is the same. 

When i print to file, all is ok. So , my current workaround is printing to a temp file and then send the file to lpr.

I use RH9.0, wine20050419. My [spooler] section in config is the default from the wine installation. 

Did anybody meet a problem like that ? Is it MFC that has some impact here ? Thanks a lot for any hints.

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