Borland C++ 4.5

Andreas Mohr andi at
Wed Jun 1 09:49:44 CDT 2005


On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 10:28:35AM -0400, gslink wrote:
> This started happening on FC3 with the 2.6.11 kernels in programs 
> running under the Sun 1.42 jre.  I was using the Nvidia driver supplied 
> with the kernel.  I changed to the driver posted on the Nvidia web site 
> and have had no further trouble.  I tried to duplicate the problem but 
> it happened so infrequently that I could never quite find it.  I am not 
> sure that this problem is with Wine.
That problem CERTAINLY isn't with Wine.

If a program under Wine can kill a system, then either there's a
kernel (driver) bug or we have an OOM condition gone to hell or the X server
is running amok (mostly font server issues). And maybe some more smaller
Since you name Nvidia drivers, it's most likely yet another case of slightly
but fatally buggy graphics drivers (sound drivers, ...) hanging the system.

Andreas Mohr

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