Feasible google summer of code project?

Joseph Garvin k04jg02 at kzoo.edu
Wed Jun 1 14:26:07 CDT 2005

I asked in #winehq where I should ask about this, and I was sent here.
So no flames if they were horribly wrong, I tried ;)

I'm an undergraduate CS student, and I've been reading the wine
newsletter for a while now because I find the project rather cool to
watch. When I started using Linux a year ago wine didn't run my
screenwriting software at all -- it's now fully functional. That's just
flippin' sweet :)

So, naturally, I'm excited at the idea of maybe hacking on wine. I'm not
a super experienced C programmer. I know Standard C but have never
actually worked on a large project in it before. I pick up new languages
rather quickly though, and I've worked in Java, C, C++, Matlab, Lisp,
and Python (my current favorite). But because I'm not a low level C guru
(yet), I looked for things I could contribute to that weren't
frightening -- some of the suggestions on the Wiki summer of code page
look like they're meant for people already familiar with the wine codebase.

That said, I'm interested in picking up the desktop integration areas
that wine currently lacks. Working trash, my documents, autorun, xdg
menu support (adding start menu items to the K-menu for instance),
winebrowser, and icon themes. Basically a good chunk of stuff on the fun
projects page.

Two questions:

1. My understanding is the mentor organizations get to choose who they
want. Is the wine project still interested in someone with my relatively
low C/wine code base experience or should I just look elsewhere?

2. Is this something feasible for a proposal? Could it realistically be
completed over the summer, say with 10 (insert your realistic number
here) hours a week of work? You guys know the code better than I do :)

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