Google "Summer of Code"

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at
Wed Jun 1 18:45:59 CDT 2005

> Johan Dahlin suggested GTK+ theming integration as a project on IRC, and I
> agree that this would probably be about the right level of
> difficulty/work. Or rather, supporting theming in our widget toolkit, even
> if the actual GTK+ bridge wasn't written.
IMO, such "themeing" should be done via a suitable implementation of the 
UXTHEME dlls (and related functionality) with the GTK+ theming integration 
being implemented as a "theme" file (AFAIK a theme file is just a windows 
DLL file with special stiff in it).

Although since doing it The Right Way would probobly require SxS/Activation 
Context/etc support in WINE, it might be harder :)

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