Copy Protection & WINE

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Thu Jun 2 09:02:25 CDT 2005

Jonathan Wilson wrote:
>  From what I understand, there are 3 ways to do copy protection in WINE 
> (at least for copy protection that needs a kernel driver to work):
> 1.Implement a WINE implementation of that kernel driver (in the same way 
> various stock windows kernel drivers have been implemented). Problem 
> with this is that there is a big DMCA risk (which is why AFAIK its been 
> rejected)
This will never be done, apart from the DMCA it would require a new driver for each new build of 
every copy protection system in the world
> 2.Implement a fake NTOSKRNL that has just the entrypoints for accessing 
> and loading copy protection drivers (the set of kernel calls needed by 
> the copy protection drivers is only a very small subset of the total set 
> of kernel calls and AFAIK none of them are hardware related)
This is what I'm doing, the safedisc 1 driver works quite well with it, some ring 0 emulation is 
needed but that also works quite well and isn't much of an issue.
> or 3.Implement a proper kernel driver loader (i.e. one that would sit in 
> the windows kernel and do the same sort of thing as that ndiswrapper and 
> that ntfs.sys loader do)
This would be a real pain as it would mean implementing the windows binary driver interface in the 
kernel, it would also not be very portable.


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