Google "Summer of Code"

Jacek Caban jack at
Thu Jun 2 09:59:02 CDT 2005


I was talking with my cousin about Google
"Summer of Code" and he is interesting in
working on Wine. The problem is what he
could do. He'd like to work on a translation
tool with UI for rc files (say winetranslator).
AFAIK there is no open source project like
this and, as the state of translation is not
really good , it would be useful for Wine.
If we had such tool more people could help
us as they wouldn't need to know anything
about rc files ( I have no idea if this tool
will be able to change things like size of
controls, which is useful for translation, but
it's not so important). What do you think?
Should he look for something else or can he
go for it?


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