Winelib MFC app crashes after printing

Eugene Aksenov e-aksenov at
Thu Jun 2 07:18:46 CDT 2005

Hello Eric

Yes, this patch fixes the problem. Thanks for the description. I checked on linux only.
Perhaps, the patch is to be submitted.


>Eugene Aksenov wrote:
>> I have a small MFC app ported to winelib which uses MFC compiled with winelib. Really, it is just an App-Wizard generated application.
>> I always have a crash of the application after printing. The page is printed ok but after that the app crashes. 
>> [...]
>> Did anybody meet a problem like that ? Is it MFC that has some impact here ? Thanks a lot for any hints.
>I've run into this bug & fixed it.  I just was never confident enough in 
>my fix to get around to submitting it.
>The problem you're seeing is most likely because you have a C++ 
>application.  When wine prints something via lpr, it forks off a child 
>process to do the printing.  Instead of doing exec("lpr") as most other 
>programs do, wine does a system("lpr"); exit();  The normal exit causes 
>the child process to execute global destructors, which the 'exec' 
>wouldn't.  If the global destructors free memory that is also used by 
>the parent process (which is probably common), the parent process will 
>quickly crash.
>Try the attached patch and see if it fixes your problem.  I think it's 
>mostly correct for linux, solaris, and hp.  We'd need to check the 
>behavior of system() on other platforms to make sure it's consistent. 
>On Solaris, it looks like there are circumstances when system() will 
>invoke 'ksh' instead of 'sh', but I hope wine doesn't need to worry too 
>much about that little detail.

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