Hello, everybody

Christian Costa titan.costa at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 2 16:07:13 CDT 2005

chsoft at gmail.com wrote:

>I'm new to here. I hope to contribute to the wine project such as 
>wine directshow or wined3d.
>I have about one year development experience in designing directshow
>filters on winxp platform.Then  try to port simple directshow 
>architecture  on embedded system with my colleagues. I want to know
>the development procedure of wine dshow or wined3d to see how i can of
> any help.
>Sorry for my poor english. 
Regarding DirectShow, you can first take a look at the to do list.
Currently there are only an AVI and a WAVE parsers. We need more (mpeg1, 
mpeg2, mp3, ...).
Having a generic parser using libavformat (from FFMpeg) would be cool.
After glancing at the code, it seems (I'm not sure) it directly reads 
the input file which does not fit in DirectShow.
If it's not possible, each parser must be implemented separately (unless 
we can extend libavformat
for our needs).


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