Wine on Sparc

Michael Lin mlin at
Thu Jun 2 20:23:57 CDT 2005

Hi Chuck,

>Well the patches worked, I did need to change the first one slightly to
>make it work.
>Now I'm running into the problem of OpenGL, but I think this is solveable
>by pointing to Mesa instead of the native GL system.  Not that I really
>need OpenGL through a terminal window...

Haven't heard from you for a few days.
How did you go in trying to compile wine on sparc?
I have been following this thread and trying to compile wine on sparc myself.
I am on Solaris 9 and have ran into some similar problem you had.
I finally got wine compiled and installed (with some libraries disabled).
However, I can't get it to run winelib application such as notepad yet.

Just wondering if you have better luck than me on this topic.


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