Google Summer of Code - Website maintenance

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Thu Jun 2 16:37:10 CDT 2005

As a developer on I'd like to say that we
could certainly use some help with the php that runs that site.  The
application database is an important resource to new and potential
wine users and will only become more important as we approach the 0.9
and 1.0 releases of wine.  There are several outstanding todo items of
reasonable size and I'm sure people on the mailing list can come up
with a few more.


On 6/2/05, Ed Mack <lists at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm terribly sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask my question, if it
> is please redirect me :) But, I think I'm in the right from poking in
> the archives.
> Anyway, I'm really interested in maintaining the Wine site as per
> , and would love some more info
> on the the responsibilities and aims.
> I have pretty good knowledge of PHP, and enjoy web-design. I've worked
> with MySQL, but not any of the other commercial databases. My little
> homepage has many little sites I've built up for
> various games.
> My day-to-day language is C++ (games development with openGL), although
> I originally learnt C.
> Thanks for your time,
> Ed Mack

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