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Wesley Parish wes.parish at
Fri Jun 3 03:17:23 CDT 2005

On Fri, 03 Jun 2005 12:09, Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> > The tricky part (in all of these schemes really) is knowing how to
> > handle the coordinates. They'd have to be put in the msgid together with
> > the actual stuff to translate. But in fact you can't know what to set
> > the coordinates to unless you see a graphical representation of the
> > dialog... This would mean we need a real resource editor :-/
> Having an open source graphical resource editor would be usefull for more
> than just translating WINE dialogs :)

Has anyone considered approaching the OpenWatcom team to see about getting a 
fork of the OpenWatcom resource editor released under the LGPL?

Or at the least, studying it to see how a resource editor differs from a 
bog-standard graphics editor like kpaint.

Just a thought.

Wesley Parish

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