safedisc stuff

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Sat Jun 4 11:00:56 CDT 2005

Stephen Torri wrote:
>>I synced with CVS and applied your patch. I get a problem compiling
> The problem was an operator error in failing to copy a file to the right
> location. I do get a real error, honest I do. 
> fixme:ntdll:NtCreateFile failing because of error c000000f
> fixme:file:CreateFileW Unable to create file L"\\\\.\\Secdrv" (status c000000e)
> This happens trying to play SSI Rites of War.

This is normal, actually expected, safedisc open it just in case it's already running.
Anyway, run the game once, you should get a crash. Then run it again immediately and you should get
a splash screen if all goes well. Turn the ntoskrnl debug channel on just in case.


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