Delete version sniffing logic

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Jun 5 16:03:21 CDT 2005

> The rationale for this change is simple: the version sniffing
> code is unreliable and gets it wrong frequently. Out of the box,
> you can't run "WINEDLLOVERRIDES=msi,msiexec.exe=n wine InstMsiA.exe"
> because of this code. You just get silence. It turns out that even
> though this is the Win98 version of the installer, it's detected
> as a Windows XP binary.
> It's a lot simpler to have a single, sane default. This makes it
> easier for users to understand, easier for us to control, and avoids
> the case where different processes in the same program get different
> version information.
> This patch defaults us to Win98 mode.
Shouldn't we default to WinXP? I know no apps except Win98 specific system 
files like InstMsiA.exe and dcom98.exe which fail with Winver=winxp. Contrary 
many apps need winver=winxp(or win2k or nt40) to work, like the setup 
programs for MS Visual Studio and Microsoft Office 2003.

Anyone who has an app which doesn't work with winver=winxp but works with real 
Windows XP?

I think we should at least target Winver=winxp and fix broken apps.


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