ViaVoice (98) in Wine

René Rebe rene at
Mon Jun 6 01:49:50 CDT 2005

Hi all,

over the weekend I tried to get ViaVoice (98) running in Wine (20050524). The 
installation goes smooth - even the embedded videos how to handle the 
microsfone, etc. are displayed ,-)

However after the installation some "audio setup" tool is run to adjust the 
mixer level and maybe more like capture channel. This tools does just print 
an error that it can not find "mixer elements / devices" (translation from 
the german text I had on screen).

I tried a few install and wine config variations, including switching from OSS 
to ALSA - however without success.

I then tried to copy my trained profile from a real Windows box in order to 
skip this audio setup stuff. However the real applications then also complain 
about no mixer found. Capturing from my mic with some "proof of concept" and 
tiny audio recorder as shipped with ViaVoice (snwave.exe IIRC) did work.

Injecting all the windows partition content into the wine folder did also not 

Are there some holes in some kind of mixer interface implementation? Is there 
some kind of tracing I can enable in order to take a look what kind of call 
did fail?

Any help appreciated.


René Rebe - Rubensstr. 64 - 12157 Berlin (Europe / Germany)
            +49 (0)30  255 897 45
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