ViaVoice (98) in Wine

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Mon Jun 6 02:47:22 CDT 2005


On Monday 06 June 2005 09:33, wino at wrote:
> I had similar probs with Dragon Naturally Speaking.

That means you have it running and in "every day use"? Which version do you 

> The GUI setup method kept complaining. I was able to get around one issue
> by finding the utility that did the setup (gentrain.exe) and running that
> under wine directly. That fixed that one nicely.

Well - as I wrote: When I copied my trained model data from windows (just the 
c:\ViaVoice\users\rene - no registriy stuff ...) The ViaVoice application did 
no longer wanted to run the audio setup - but complained it does not see 
mixer elements itself - so I assume the registry will not help me - since 
ViaVoice "engine or frontend applicatoins" want control about the volume 
mixer elements itself ...

> I would stay with ALSA plus oss-emulation on your linux system.

Yes, of course I run ALSA and OSS emulation ,-) - but do you also propose to 
use Wine's ALSA backend? That one seems not work as well as the oss backend, 
at least on my workstation ...


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