ViaVoice (98) in Wine

wino at wino at
Mon Jun 6 13:59:42 CDT 2005

I got NS v4 to work pretty much as effectively as it does under win98.  
That's to say pretty good but not great.

> =V5 is much better at speach rec. , I have got it to install correctly  
> but the training is now integrated and I have not found a work around  
> like I did for v4

I put the project on hold because I had more important things demanding my  
time but I intend to come back to this because NS 5/6/7 is really  
effective and I want this on Linux.

It will not magically work integrated with other software as it does on  
windows but the principal function of being able to dictate into it  
"dragonpad" text editor is the main hurdle and it works.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems each wine program is a completely  
separate thread so I dont see a likelyhood of off-the-shelf interprocess  
communtication like under windows.

However, it should be possible to grab the output going to dragonpad and  
pipe it to input of another linux prog. I did dabble with it enought to  
convince myself it was possible but no more.

Hopefully that covers Rene's qu as well


On Mon, 06 Jun 2005 12:54:52 +0200, Stefan Dösinger  
<stefandoesinger at> wrote:

> Hi,
>> I had similar probs with Dragon Naturally Speaking.
>> The GUI setup method kept complaining. I was able to get around one  
>> issue
>> by finding the utility that did the setup (gentrain.exe) and running  
>> that
>> under wine directly. That fixed that one nicely.
> I'm just curious: Does Dragon Naturally Speaking also work with native  
> Linux
> programs if it's running under Wine, or does it only work with other wine
> programs?
> Stefan

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